When opening a trading account, you'll receive your trading account details, including account number, password, investor password and OctaFX PIN. At times it might be hard to remember everything, but most importantly understand what's all this information. While trading account details are quite self-explanatory, some of you may wonder what your OctaFX PIN is and why exactly do you need it. Today that's what we will look at, your PIN, what is it and why do you need it. 

What is OctaFX PIN?

Is a four-digit code you use to verify the most important actions on the OctaFX site, such as withdrawals, internal transfers, and gift delivery. 

Where can I find it?

We send you your OctaFX PIN upon registration, in the welcome email. And if you cannot find it, don't worry, you can restore it anytime. 

Why do I need it?

The PIN is one of the safeguards for secure transactions. We will ask you to provide it at the checkout upon requesting a withdrawal. Similarly, you will need to provide it when requesting an internal transfer. Once you receive it, you should take note of it, and keep it somewhere safe. Most importantly, remember not to share it with anyone.

How many PIN codes are there? 

While you can have several trading accounts, you will need only one PIN code.

What if I cannot find my PIN code or wish to change it?

It's not a problem like we've mentioned before, you can restore your PIN anytime. That's not all, in case you have troubles remembering your PIN and want to have your combination of four digits you can change it. 

As you can see, OctaFX PIN and its purpose are very straightforward. It's no different than using online banking or withdrawing at the ATM. We hope this helps and don't forget that if you're ever unsure about something or need help, our Customer Support team is here to assist you. Happy trading!