Forex opens equal opportunities for everybody. It doesn’t matter who you are or where are you from. Trading provides you with all means to pursue your dreams and goals.

Meet Hilda - an incredible trader with a steady success story, who dreams big, acts wise and stays true to her values. For Kartini Day 2021, we invited her for an interview with our host, Nadya Mulya.

Let’s find out more about Hilda’s take on trading, the Forex community, and the difficulties women face on their way to success.


I have been already trading for about 11 years. If you ask about my goal, well, like all the kids at that age, I wanted to be a doctor. Later in my life, I invested some money, and the person ran away with it. I struggled a lot, but then I found out about Forex. Since then, I started to learn from books or turned to friends for help, and I am still trading.

To be honest, I only graduated from high school, but that doesn't mean education is not important for being a trader. It is still important. Because I only have a high school degree at that time, I continued to learn about Forex from books, and then I attended several seminars. 

In 2010, when I first started, my family was like, "What is this?" "This must be a new business." However, because of my persistence, my consistency, and the income I got, after some time, my family and relatives, even some friends, started asking me to teach them. So I became a mentor of sorts. 

I learned about Forex not long after getting married. When I graduated from school, I worked in a private company, and then, after my marriage, I became a housewife. It got a bit boring for me, so my husband supported me. He said: "Let's find you a job, but don't leave our children, me and house chores."

I have two kids - one of them is in 6th grade, the other attends 8th grade. Forex is the work that can be done from home, with children. You can combine it with being a housewife. My kids see me all the time.

If we talk about the current pandemic, both the government and people around are always saying that we need to work from home. Obviously, my husband and I have already been working from home for 11 years. My children consider their mother to be just a housewife because I can trade anywhere and anytime. So my daily life is simple, I am taking care of children, the house, and my husband. Then I do trading.

My husband is a trader, too. Our journey till today was not easy as well. The first two years we suffered tremendous losses, it cannot be counted with certainty. Margin call, loss, that was our daily routine. However, because we have already taken the step, it was too hard to go back, to give up. We continued to learn, I attended seminars, read books, and all this hard work finally paid off.

I believe that trading together with someone else is extremely helpful. When we start trading, we become the most selfish human beings. When we analyse the market and decide to buy, we can be wrong but still insist on buying. So, we need a second person. My husband and I, stop each other, support each other. For example, when I analyse the market, and my order seems unprofitable, my husband encourages me. He says, if possible, just close the order, take a break, let's take a short vacation, then enter the market again.

As for the best trading decision I have ever made, a few years ago, there was Brexit, right? Automatically this news affected the market. I read about it, and at the exact moment, I opened an order on GBPUSD. So, it fit the news earlier, before going to bed I opened order Sell. The following day the market had a tremendous fall. It was like my lucky day. Although, on the other hand, maybe in that country, the economy was a bit shaky, or perhaps some traders lost money. But for me, it was unforgettable.

Forex is a business that we can manage anytime and anywhere. Sometimes people have to wait until the holidays to go on vacation. As for our family, it is like "Today we can eat outside" or "Where can we have fun tomorrow?"

My goal is the same as for others. I want to profit. Earn an income for my family. And, as a woman, I can buy what I want without consulting anyone. Just like 11 years ago, I still want to earn money, and at the same time, be able to take care of the children, husband, house. My goal is still the same. I want to continue to accompany my children until they grow up, help them with homework, take them to school and extra classes. At the same time, I want to earn by trading.

Initially, the majority of the trading community were men. Women were considered a minority. But when I had been in the world of trading for a long time, I understood that women and men are the same anyway. There is no fundamental difference. Yet the majority of traders are still men. It may be due to the lack of information. For example, look at YouTube. The speakers and trainers are primarily men. Neither gender is better prepared or better at something else. Both are equal, as long as they want to learn.

As for my advice for beginners, the most important factor is family support. Especially from my husband, because he is also a trader. Secondly, I really like to study new things, because everything in the world can be learned. The third is consistency. Those, I believe, are the main keys to success.